Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, PA



For a microtrip to reset and have a good time, I decided to stay at Peddler’s Village in Pennsylvania. It’s not far from New Hope which can be described as a Hippy’s Night out on the town. Both of the locations are very similar and have a wonderful vibe. The village is covered with many vintage shops, wineries/breweries, and restaurants. There are a few in theme lodging options. The location I chose was right in the heart of the village called The Golden Plough Inn. With the Colonial village style and a bit of a modern twist it’s the perfect semi-country getaway. I stayed at the Superior Main Inn Room designed by A.J Margulis, a jersey based interior designer. If you want to get intimate, the bed setting I have to say was not the sturdiest, so keep that in mind. Besides that, the room was perfect to meet the minimal needs I wanted. There is something about staying in a nice room that can really shift one’s mind.


The best part of the area is that there are little hidden spots in which you can sit and chat after hours. I found this area in the back of a bakery.

The image to the left was the hidden area I found, which I assume would be filled with people during normal hours of operation. Besides that the town is covered with reye ease easing embellishments such as gazebos, ponds, and a watermill. I can say this was a rather romantic trip. So, if you want to do something special for someone you love I recommend this place.



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