I switched over from my blogger site here, to wordpress because I needed a change and better platform to present the material that I create over time. Moving to this site I think it’s befitting to have a recap of the content I created. Starting from the beginning when I started to blog, I did use wordpress. Yet, for some reason I deleted it. That site contained my first trip to Nepal as a medical shadow. At that time I thought I was going to become a medical doctor, however things changed. Exploring that landscape was amazing. I stayed around Thamel and Lalitpur during my stay there and residing at Alka Hospital. Below are some images.

Coming back from Nepal, I spent a good amount to time exploring the party scene of Brooklyn and New York City. I got more into electronic music such as trance, psytrance, deep house, and techno. It even lead me to meeting an amazing group of people and nice trip to Ithaca. Here, let me show you my experience.

After the traveling and the parties. I went back to school a little bit, attempting to complete the requirements to enter medical school. I soon realized that it was time to stop it. I ended up getting a full time job and took some more time off to sort myself out. Along the way I found someone to share my time with and we had adventure together in which I documented and will show some more photograph below. Now, I’m here. Reflecting on the adventure and wondering what my next steps will be. I know I will continue creating content, but will it go somewhere beyond me writing and editing in my room?



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